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Overall we want to thank you for the time you are giving to us reading what we write

So, if you are looking fot the Saint Graal, surfing on the dental training web sites , and here you lost , maybe you are in the right place and we can help you.

Let’s make it clear from the start, here we do not know the truth to become successful. At best we could tell you our intuitions, how we decide to take our career, we never stopped our growth even if we had nothing and started from zero. He is the orthodontist , head and hands, and I am just hand but this lot of will.

Our first must is to invest !

You are thinking “easy when you have got money” You are wrong becasue we were really poor. Our provider financed us and we started opening an office with two dentist chairs and our bank account was heavily overdrawn. So you just need to invest, who did it in crisis period , now he’s running the market world.

Our second must is to split up !

We created two ways that match but not collide.

We made sure he was focus on the clinical part and I was focus on the extraclinical one.

The result was amazing.

Vincenzo could spend all his time in his job, specializing more and more and I could exploit my skills on human resources in the extraclinical part.

In conclusion you need to split up your office in two macro-areas. Both of them need a lot of time and manage them together is a suicide for your business and the quality of your work.

Our third must is to delegate!

You need to delegate all tasks that deconcentrate us and they steal us from value process.

We choose clinical staff very carefully, we trust them, we train them and we entrust them all the things that carried out by us would say spending lot of money and a waste of time.

Consequently you need to choose your staff and delegate all that skills which are nothing in your hand, but gold in other hands.

In our welcome there is the recipt of our success :

Only earning time a doctor can train to get the very best version of himself and win on the competitive market. Time that does not have to be taken away from the family and the private life (Antonia would like to kill me today), but intellegently obtained delegating other people in the extraclinical managment.


Follow the idea of smarter work :

do less than obsess !

It means that you do not need to work more, but concentrate on what you like the most and give a value to everything you do.

If you are intrigued to our recipt and you would like to understand

  • Which different services we incorporate in our managment.
  • How we could integrate different roles, some of them really innovative like a dental manager, a digital dentistry , a social director…
  • How in a few years we managed to be a family of 14 people, you would visit our office , filled of skills, now it is like a shell for an hermit crab.

You are welcomed in our next marketing courses where we will reveale our innovative ideas and the future we are organizing and we really expect!

We would like to leave you with a quote we both like so much:

“Time is the best gift we own, when it flows with our loved ones it is called life, the rest is only the endless flow of the reality we created.”

See you soon, Vincenzo e Antonia

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