Why do we waste time planning? Just tinker!

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Why to lose time for the planning?


I know you are thinking that at the end of this article it will be the button “buy my course or something similar”. But even without noticing if you are not interested in my course, I will leave you the useful sense of desire to change, giving you some of my intuitions, or at least I hope so!


On the first visit the patient presents himself and says:

“Doctor, I want to know what I have to do?

What can you advise me ? ” and while you try to find the most professional way to answer him, he urges: “I trust you and I am here … they spoke so well about you “

Boom! Amazing words but challenging, at that moment I can’t find the correct words. Think about telling him something from prosthesis and surgery books, but it’s not a good idea. Comes the fear that you will propose something correct for you but perceived as wrong by the patient or propose something perhaps wrong but he or she falls in love with that idea and will never forget it! In the ear invisible fancy gives you a useful tip: will be better some bridge like Brooklyn or some implant? It will be 4-6 mm in place of the first molar and I’ll have to do at least a mini sinus lift! Or can I insert a short implant? Yes, but who knows how many mm of crest thickness there is. What do I tell him? How can I tell him my doubts? All this while your assistant looks at you and just wants to have an information in the form of sterile voices to do her/his job and produce a price budget that has nothing clinical! I lived first working years with these moods because I saw the others doing like this after so many visits, things have changed nowadays, today I always say the same thing to patients who on the first visit pretend on the immediate response on the complex prosthetic and surgical cases, an answer that I could never give because is considered ignorant but now is the one that makes me earn more money, the answer is: “I DON’T KNOW”. I have to study for this clinical case! And if you give me the time and the means I will do it with all the passion I have for this job! But in the meantime I can tell you exactly what we can do for not to make worse the state of the health”. I will continue to explain the patient what is important to pursue in the first phase of the treatment plan, exactly: to stabilize the periodontium state by changing the lifestyle and treating the carious cavities that sure will not wait till we take the right decision about our future tactics! I will present an orthodontic, prosthetic and surgical treatment plan after we have resolved all the urgencies and the reasons for which the patients came to us, in a short the complex treatment because it’s really complex that will be studied on the basis of information (photos, virtual models and rx), which cross each other and allow us to elaborate through the software of planning, plan of treatment with a higher predictability and a lower risk.

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