“No-one would follow someone who leads along a path that hasn’t already crossed by himself”

(Rossella Aurilio)



corso di formazione clinica

If you follow past peoples footsteps, who have known what to do you can save time and cut risks down.



Actually following a drawn road while you are learning is primary but unfortunately it creates work stereotypes hard to forget :

– because “it has always been like that”, “I am noone to change things”. Just think about how much time it took the management to join the clinical practice. If you don’t have it yet , don’t worry, take your time and have some courage to speak up! 

– because people mythologize historical figures and think that making it better than them is impossible. 

IDiagnosi is born from the desire to experience new ways and compare all different dental features. “only making mistakes, you can be successful ” this saying can be useful when the practice is supported by the theory and the comparison is the best gift we can receive.

Our aim is to share what we have learned and refine in order that you leave your comfort zone and see new opportunities to ensure you are operating at best in your everyday working life.

In the twentieth century where the present is already the past and the future is so fast that is difficult to own, I do not believe we can stop to what we already know is good.

Odontology is a branch where specialization, technology, marketing and the new media seem to take the upper hand and speaking about comfort zone it would be like feeling an ant trapped on a white sheet surrounded by a black circle (for the curious one, you can see the experiment on youtube.)

A very old saying acts :

“Those who knows, do. Those who doesn’t know, teach. Those who couldn’t teach, manage. Those who couldn’t manage, are politicians. Those who couldn’t even be a politician, elect them.”

We do not have to be afraid by people’s judgements, there will always be someone better than us, our philosophy is to share our knowledge to make it reproducible and to be the first of this saying “I make it because I know it.”