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New air, your home’s air : how to fight decisional bias


Shortcuts doesn’t exist, only difficult wayS exist.

Would you like to explore your collegue’s offices in order to breath a different air, understand decision-making processes with other points of view, a stimulating comparison between colleagues?

You can live emotions related with diagnostic indecisions, discussions related to different opinions and the awkward moment of doubt in front of the obvious case. It represents growth, the ethical duty that in the therapy must always be wanted, which is predictiveness for long term related to the best choice, to feel comfortable in the mess acting decisively between indecisions.

It has always been one of my requirements that I had tested, loved and gained up to become my service.

We have decided to host our collegues here in our structure in order to open a window where we can compare each other in response to the frequently question we receive at the end of every course : “can I just come to your office and understand more about digital techniques, about surgical and orthodontic programming studies and about the management?”

Through the membership at the Study Club, you have the possibility to follow with us all the different stages of the clinical and extraclinical management and see the planning in live, join actively to the decision-making procedures, come to our office with montly basis until you can be part of our team.

If you need more information, please contact our segretary to the number 081 5123928 or send an

e-mail to

More information, click here and see what the membership can offer