The first visit of full-arch cases !

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In a sea of information, fishes swim better in packs!

Monday morning your secretary says :

“Doctor, it is strange, but three patients just called me and they all had same demands.

I thought he was the same person who called three times by mistake.! “

“Ok” – I said – “ follow our protocol”

I would like to know if it happens even to you to meet patients made with the stencil!

They do not want to understand they are completely different from each other and they keep wanting to be treated same way, like they are buying a bag or a jewel with different specificity.

When something unusual happens , I used to make and write my reflections, you can find them in the Clinical Market article.

I suggest you to do the same, I’m sure they will always be useful and you will like to read them again!


Which considerations will you find?

  1. Patients are informed and basic information are homogeneous.
  2. If patients are here in my office, it means they have not found all the answers to their question yet.
  3. Marketing market is working for us , how can we make the most of it?


Let’s start with protocols :

The first figure meeting the patient is the secretary and she will try with proper questions to understand what the patient needs and why he has booked the visit.


Why might we need all these information?

Obviously to interact in the best way with the patient!


Generally he would like a quickly and lasting response, but rarely we have patients with :

  1. Regular crests
  2. I class of Cawood J.I., Howell H.
  3. Hounsfiels values up to 1500
  4. Time available to define in details a dental treatment prosthetic plan
  5. X-rays which do not contain reperi so that we can match all the prosthetic data.


How could we decide where to place implants without a prosthetic guide?

Let’s be real, we are not in the 80s anymore.


There are two pratical ways we can follow :

  1. We can try to sell a standard dental treatment plan hurriedly build up based on doubts and uncertainties that sooner or later we must clarify.
  2. Quietly we tell the patient we need time and different exams and information to stipulate a valid dental treatment plan.


I will give to you an example :

If I were nominated as the best nutrunner and you call me for fixing some frameworks on the wall of your living room, you would like I :

  1. Check the thickness of the wall ( thickness and bones defects)
  2. Check inside the wall if there are some hydraulic hoses (nerves and vessels)
  3. Ask the material of the wall to make connection with the weight of the framework (Hounsfield indicative value for the hypothetical immediately load dental implants)
  4. Make sure you like the position you chose or thanks to my experience giving you some advice for another wall or position where the framework could look better.


In technical terms I am going to study the exposure of the dento gingival complex and if it is a worthy project. Otherwise I must give safer theories like bone regenerative, prosthesis on bar or on dental support when it is possible.

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